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    Wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important days for any couple in love. Every moment of that day they will retrace in details for all their married life. Perhaps, that is why young couple put so many efforts in preparation for that happy day.

    This day is very special for the bride, because in that day everyone’s attention will be focused on her: every detail will be notices, because guests’ eyes will only look at her – hero of that occasion. Of course, every girl wants to look spotless, especially at her own wedding! It means she has to do her best for everything in her image look perfect – from the smallest curl in her hair to the most important thing – a wedding dress.

    Several months before the great event wedding shops will be a natural environment for the bride. Wedding magazines with many world lasted trends, different style and designer ideas will become her best friends and advisor in a search for “a wedding dress of her dreams”.

    Wholesale Wedding Dresses

    "Neshama" is a wholesale manufacturer of wedding dresses. We are owners of own production line.

    Wedding dress is certainly special attire for every girl. It is not just a dress, it is long-time dream! Wedding dress will make you feel as a queen at your own the most important and the most desirable ball in your life. Even little girls dream about their wedding dress, and they picture all the details of the dress in their imagination. And when girl becomes a bride and looks for a fabric for her “dream dress” or comes to the wedding shop, she already knows what she wants.

    "Neshama"’s mission is to fulfill dreams of any bride. And it is possible because of constant growing selection of wedding dresses and different accessories. We offer a large variety of wedding dresses wholesale. All our models have special designer’s implementation and comply with the latest market trends, because it is very important for a dress not only to satisfy girl’s desires, but also to demonstrate the tendencies dictated by latest fashion.

    For our dresses we use innovative technique of modeling corsets. This technique perfectly emphasizes the beauty of woman’s body, and at the same time it masks problem areas without causing discomfort. Wedding dresses manufacturer "Neshama" is a constantly evolving sewing technique, high quality standards, and a large selection of models. If you want to buy wedding dresses wholesale, choose "Neshama", and you’ll never regret it!

    Any our dress will definitely find a bride it belongs to. Our models are known for their uniqueness and high quality, because we personally monitor the production process. That is why dresses by "Neshama" will be bestsellers at your shop, and every bride will have her dreams come true.

    Buying our wedding dresses wholesale you can count on decent terms of cooperation and adequate price offers. To get access to wholesale prices of wedding dresses and accessories, please, register, and our manager will call as soon as possible.

    Wholesale Wedding Accessories

    The image of bride cannot be complete if it only consists of a dress. In this case various accessories may help. They will help to complete the image and will add a zest to it.

    "Neshama" offers a big variety of wedding accessories – many different designs of gloves, veils, boleros, wraps and fur-coats. In combination with wedding dress they can emphasize bride’s individuality.

    How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

    Internet is full of various advices on how to choose “a wedding dress of your dream”. But as it often happens with information online, it is hard to find something worthwhile.

    Length of a Wedding Dress

    For a comfortable walking wedding dress has to be 2-3 centimeters above the floor level. Dresses are usually shortened at the wedding shop, taking into consideration the height of your wedding shoes. Underskirt with hoops lifts the dress up, that is why the dress can only be shortened when you make a final decision about the size of underskirt.

    How to Choose Wedding Fur-coat

    Suppose that you decided to celebrate your wedding in winter, but at the same time you don’t live in Philippines or Central Africa. In that case you will need a beautiful fur wrap.

    Why do we need the accessories?

    How do you think what is the purpose of accessories? Can a modern girl go without them?

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