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A Little Bit About Us

The name of our company "Neshama" is not an accident. It means “soul”. We work to help you express your innermost desire. In our work we follow principles that have been formed for decades:

● We take care of every customer;

● We have unique approach to every client depending on their need;

● We maintain high quality of our products;

● Our prices are affordable for anyone;

● We meet all the commitments to our customers;

But the most important is that we put our hearts in our work, because we want our products not just brings joy, but also comfort our souls.

What Do We Do?

We are engaged in a wholesale manufacturing of wedding dresses and various accessories that are “part and parcel” of every wedding. We can offer you several designer collections of wedding dresses, and among them you’ll definitely find those that you will like. Every collection is regularly replenished with new models of wedding dresses made according to the latest fashion trends.

If you wedding takes place in a cold season then you’ll be impressed with a range of elegant fur-coats made of soft fur. They will warm you and won’t let you freeze. Besides, the collection of bolero will make the bride to look stately. If you try in on once, you won’t like to take it off to the end of celebration. And you will be also able to find stylish gloves and a beautiful hat that will match your dress, and many other little things. Here you can find wedding accessories for any taste, color, and life event.

If you choose our products you’ll definitely hear exclamations of admiration from other guests, because you’ll be irresistible.

Neshama will turn your wedding into an unforgettable one.

Wedding dresses and accessories for you and your soul!

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