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How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Choose a Perfect Wedding Dress

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Internet is full of various advices on how to choose “a wedding dress of your dream”. But as it often happens with information online, it is hard to find something worthwhile. Tiny useful details are scattered in different articles, forums and websites. We tried to systemize it and put it in one place, and in such a way to make something like a guide on how to choose wedding gown.

All the girls are charming and unique, and a right image makes them unforgettably graceful! So, instead of familiar outfit you will have to put a huge and luxurious wedding dress on for the first time in your life! Where should you start?

Where to start?

First find and look through latest magazines of wedding fashion. Think what kind of dress you prefer. Perhaps it is an outfit decorated with lace, embroidery and rhinestones? Or it is a little modest dress with elegant and sharp lines? Every girl has her own idea of a dream dress and expectations for her wedding dress.

Have you decided on a style of a dress? Now Step 2.

You have to understand that it is impossible to pick a dress by just looking at the picture. So now lay all the magazines aside and go to the wedding shop for the try-on! You need to see how this or that dress looks on you. Very often the preferences can change after the first try-on.

God must be a painter. Why else would we have so many colors?

(с) A Beautiful Mind

At wedding stores you’ll find white, milky, creamy and ivory dresses. Moreover in our days colorful dresses become more and more popular – parts of a dress or even a whole dress is made of bright and conspicuous fabrics.

What color to choose – white or ivory? Someone may look good in cold bluish tint of white, others will be irresistible in warm tints. It all depends on many facts – your complexion, color of your hair, eyes, and many other things. Experienced shop assistant at the wedding store can easily determine what color suits you the best.


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