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Length of a Wedding Dress

Length of a Wedding Dress

Some girls don’t listen to our recommendations and insist for their dress to be to the floor. In that case bride will have to take scissors to the wedding and cut her dress right there, because when dress is too long, it is impossible to make a single step!

Short Wedding Dress

In our time no one is shocked or surprised by the short skirt, as it was in the middle of last century. Right at that time the bravest fashion-mongers started to wear so-called “mini”. Wedding fashion always goes hand in hand with the latest trends of fashion industry that is why short wedding dresses appeared pretty soon. Short wedding dresses where seen everywhere: pictures in fashion magazines did their job, especially when famous actress, model and a very beautiful girl – Audrey Hepburn appeared in such an outfit at her own wedding. Her dress was just a bit higher above the knees. After some time this fashion trend finally came to us. Girls started to choose short wedding dresses oftener and oftener. The most important is for the groom to be okay wit that, in everything else couple was free to choose what they like.

Short dresses are for the girls who don’t want a classic wedding dress. Those dresses look good at petite girls wit beautiful legs. If you are proud of your perfect body, short wedding dress is right for you. It will make you very extravagant bride. Short dresses can be combined with different accessories, hats and diverse belts. They can also be decorated with ribbons, Swarovski crystals, or they can be made of very delicate lace. Short dress makes the bride look light and airy and it gives a delightful girly charm to its owner. Short wedding dress is comfortable and beautiful. You can easily move in it, it doesn’t limit your moves and is almost weightless.

If you chose a short wedding dress for your wedding it is important to make right accents and to pay special attention to your shoes. In every wedding dress not only the style matters, but also a fabric it is made of. It is not important if your dress is long or short, the most important for the dress to suit you and to emphasize all the advantages of your body.


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